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APRIL 2024

Congratulations to our Winter League team which was successful in their Winter League campaign for the second year in succession.

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The team that won the Knockout final (Laurence Reeves, Rosanna Curtis, Rich Matthews and Claire Marshall, Team member James Crooks – centre

A report on their performance is published here.

MARCH 2024

Our participation in the Tourism Fair (TF) went very well – many thanks to Pat Harpur, Ray and James Huntly for their help.

We were fortunate to get prime position – everyone had to walk past our stand on entry to the hall, so we had plenty of interest and engagement. The stand looked good (see attached), not least thanks to the display material that James produced, and the display boards provided free of charge by Bailiffgate Museum. I think the presentation of our stand compared favorably with the Alnwick Castle stand which was beside us. The recent successes of our teams provided a good talking point. Ernie Hapur



In November we collected five trophies from the summer league. We won in the following categories, Mens, Ladies, under 45 mixed, mixed vets and Ladies vets. A great achievement for a small rural club.


Alnwick Tennis Club holds successful invitation mixed doubles tournament.

Alnwick Tennis Club held an Invitation Mixed Doubles Tournament, organised by Ray Huntly, at their Prudhoe Street Courts.

Group Stage play saw everyone playing a minimum of three tie-break sets, with the winners and runners-up of each group going through to the semi-finals.

The first of these saw Group One winners Dawn Laidlaw (Rothbury) and Charles Yardley (Glanton) play Rosanna Curtis and Tom Martin from Alnwick who were the runners-up in Group Two. In a very entertaining match Dawn and Charles emerged victorious 6-3.

The other semi-final was closely contested going went to a tie-break with Group Two Winners Judith Short and Ray Huntly (Alnwick) managing to defeat Susanne Jordon (Alnwick) and Angus Keate (Corbridge) 7-6.

An invitation mixed doubles event was held at Alnwick Tennis Club.

An invitation mixed doubles event was held at Alnwick Tennis Club.

In the final Dawn and Charles were comfortable victors against the hitherto unbeaten Judith and Ray and were presented with a perpetual silver trophy and smaller versions to keep by club chair Ernie Harpur.

The event will be played annually on the first Sunday in September.

JUNE 2023

Alnwick Tennis Club helping Reheat employees with their health and wellbeing

Alnwick Tennis Club hosted a team event for local business Reheat after the renewable heat consultancy joined a major regional campaign to boost its employees’ health.

By Janet Bew

Published 20th Jun 2023, 17:55 BST- 1 min read

Updated 20th Jun 2023, 17:55 BST

Alnwick Tennis Club helping Reheat employees with their health and wellbeing | Northumberland Gazette

Members of the Reheat team at Alnwick Tennis Club where they held a team day to boost wellbeing. Picture: Reheat

The firm turned to the tennis club to run its first team activity as part of the Better Health at Work Award, which is now central to the organisation’s ongoing support for better health and wellbeing in the workplace.

Reheat joins more than 440 employers currently taking part in the award, which is operated by local authorities in the North East and Cumbria, and provides free support for businesses in a bid to combat common health issues attributed to the region, reducing absenteeism and increasing productivity as a result.

According to the award, two of the top causes of sickness absence in the workplace are muskoskeletal issues and mental health conditions, with the latter costing UK employers up to £56 billion each year.

Ernest Harpur, chair of Alnwick Tennis Club, said: “The club was delighted to make its excellent facilities available to Reheat for this team activity.

“This aligns with our desire to encourage more community engagement with the sport, reaping the health benefits for individuals.”

Oisín de Priall, senior consultant and health advocate at Reheat, said: “What better way to kick-off our commitment to the Better Health at Work Award than through a tennis game at our local club, and many of the team now want to make it a regular event.

“We have a number of other initiatives planned which will promote and support good mental and physical health, targeting areas of concern as identified by our colleagues, with direct support from Northumberland County Council.”

MAY 2023

Alnwick Tennis Club welcomes team of players from American university

Members of Alnwick Tennis Club welcomed a team of young players from the USA to the town.

By Janet Bew

Published 10th May 2023, 14:49 BST- 2 min read Members of Alnwick Tennis Club with their American visitors.

Alnwick Tennis Club welcomes team of players from American university | Northumberland Gazette

Two tennis coaches and 13 talented young players, several of whom are qualified instructors, from the tennis squad of St Mary’s University, Winona, Minnesota, were welcomed by the Chair of Alnwick Tennis Club (ATC) Ernie Harpur and club members James Huntly and Dennis Greenslade.

This is the seventh visit of the St Mary’s tennis squad to ATC, with the visits running triennially from 2002 until 2017, interrupted only by the Covid pandemic.

The university squad’s head coach, Jeff Halberg, has long connections with Alnwick, beginning with his time as a student on the St Cloud University British Studies Programme at Alnwick Castle in 1986.

Jeff returned to Alnwick as an assistant director of the programme during 1989-90.

During his periods in Alnwick, Jeff was an active member of the local tennis club, playing for the first team and forming many friendships. He has maintained a very close friendship with Raymond Huntly, a former chair of the club and now an honorary member.

Raymond and his son, James, are veterans of all of these visits, with Raymond being the enthusiastic main organiser and host on each occasion.

The event this year involved Jeff and his assistant coach, Dave Sonday, leading two sessions, the first for junior club members and a second for adults, with the more advanced juniors also participating.

The format involved the visiting US squad players mixing with the local players in clinics to develop skills, with the emphasis on fun games and enjoyment.

The tennis was followed by an ‘off-street coronation party’ that continued well into the evening.

The visitors were very impressed by the clubhouse and playing facilities, and showed an interest in the history of tennis in Alnwick.

Jeff remarked that he has encouraged the players in his tennis squad to share his infectious enthusiasm for the visit to Alnwick as the highlight of their tour of England and Scotland.

That is all the more impressive in context of a tour itinerary displayed on the back of their T-shirts – London, Oxford, York, Alnwick, Edinburgh and Cambridge.

Jeff’s parting remark was a promise to return in three years’ time.

Alnwick Tennis Club welcomes new members and pay-and-play visitors at any time.

APRIL 2023

Annual General Meeting to be held April 24th, White Swan Hotel, Alnwick, 7pm.


On behalf of the Committee, we wish you all a very happy Christmas.

Some highlights of the year

I take the opportunity to thank:

The coaches and many club members for the work done to maintain the clubhouse, courts, and grounds.

Club members who were there to greet visitors during the Heritage Open Day (see below) and especially Pat Harpur who provided hospitality throughout the day and afternoon tea.

Rosanna Curtis for initiating and organizing a second Open club session on Sunday afternoons.

Susanne Evers for organizing a very enjoyable Christmas meal – the first such event in many years.

Club match play in the summer leagues – position of teams in their respective leagues (Team administrator)

  • Open Ladies finished 2nd – P6, W5, L1 (Heather Ives)
  • Open Men finished 1st – P6, W6, F1 (Grant Watson)
  • Under 45s mixed finished 4th in a very closely contested league – P4, W1, D1 L2 (Grant Watson)
  • Ladies Vets finished 1st – P6, W6, E (Judith Short)

Heritage Open Day on September 17th:

This is the first year local Sports Clubs have been invited to participate in this National event and the committee felt it was an opportunity for the Tennis Club to raise its profile in the community.  Our club and its antecedents have a rich heritage and a poster highlighting the development of tennis in Alnwick between 1883 and 1950, in context of the development of the sport as a whole and the involvement of women in tennis, was prepared for the day.  If you haven’t seen this, it can be viewed inside the clubhouse on the wall to the left of the front door.

It was good to have the courts in full use for coaching of a range of young players throughout the morning and adults in the early afternoon.  Past members were invited to attend and among those who did was Geoff Snowdon, the first Chair of the present club and an Honorary Member.  The afternoon finished with an entertaining mixed doubles match involving Geoff Snowdon, our two recently elected Honorary Members and Susan Jordan.  The day was rounded off by presenting the new Honorary Members with certificates followed by tea in the clubhouse.

Certificates marking the award of Honorary Life Membership of Alnwick Tennis Club have been presented by the Club Chair, Ernie Harpur, to two outstanding servants of the Club, Judith Short and Raymond Huntly.

Honorary members, Judith Short and Raymond Huntly, receive their commemorative certificates from the club chair.

Wimbledon 2023 ticket ballot for club members:

If you are interested in entering the ballot for tickets for Wimbledon2023, please be aware that you need to have an active LTA Advantage membership (which is free) and have opted in online between Dec 12th and January 23rd.  Good luck.

Best wishes to everyone for the coming year.

Ernie Harpur



Outstanding servants of the club Judith Short and Raymond Huntly.

Northumberland Gazette

By Keith Hamblin 11th Oct 2022, 10:44am- 1 min read

Certificates marking the award of Honorary Life Membership of Alnwick Tennis Club have been presented by the Club Chair, Ernie Harpur, to two outstanding servants of the Club, Judith Short and Raymond Huntly.

Certificates marking the award of Honorary Life Membership of Alnwick Tennis Club have been presented by the Club Chair, Ernie Harpur, to two outstanding servants of the Club, Judith Short and Raymond Huntly.

Since the formation of the present club in 1975 both recipients of the award have made exceptional contributions to the club both on and off court. Both have been outstanding players winning the club championship on many occasions and representing the club with distinction both in the local leagues and for the county. They have also served on the Management Committee in various roles over several decades and contributed to the development of the club in other notable ways. These included, through Raymond’s initiative, annual tournaments which attracted both junior and adult players to Alnwick from all over Northumberland and coaching the youth of Alnwick and surrounding towns and villages (with the dedicated support of Christine Trotter and Mike Burley).

The awards were made when Alnwick TC was one of the clubs who participated in the Heritage Open Day last month.