“I would like to say a special thank you to Grant and Heather who on a weekly basis inspire both my children to be fit and active whilst learning the skills of tennis but by also giving them a new opportunity to socialise with children with whom they may not have ordinarily met. 

As a busy working single mother of two young children, information can slip through through the net at times. So, whilst I am on a roll with gratitude, I think it only fair I say an extra thank you to Heather for all the interaction I have had with her as secretary. Heather is so kind and friendly and always prompt replying to any queries I have.

Thanks again everyone, here’s to another year with Alnwick Tennis Club”

Chrissy Morris-Watson 

“I joined the tennis club as I had just moved to Alnwick and wanted a way to get back into playing tennis and to meet new people. Having coaching was a great way into all of that.

Grant is flexible with lesson times, so I can fit them round work. He is really encouraging, the sessions are varied and I always learn how to improve my game, in ways I can go away and work on. 

Coaching sessions improved my confidence, so I now go to hitting classes. The club is so friendly, and facilities are excellent. Alnwick is so lucky to have this great club.”

Amy Petersen

“Alnwick Tennis Club is very welcoming, and the courts are beautifully positioned in Alnwick. The different ages of players and the range of activities makes for a friendly and inclusive atmosphere, and it is great to have the benefit of such high quality and well-tended facilities. 

It is always straightforward getting a court for practice sessions. I have particularly valued skilful coaching from Grant, who is resourceful, knowledgeable and instils confidence. The coaching is well-organised and encourages players of all abilities and ages, even an older beginner like me! “

Jan Bostock

“When I joined Alnwick Tennis Club about three years ago I hadn’t played for over 20 years and was just curious to see if I could still hit a ball after all that time. What struck me from the start was how much had been achieved at such a small club in terms of the quality of the courts and floodlights. I was made to feel very welcome by the other members and encouraged at coaching sessions. In fact I have enjoyed myself so much that I have ended up spending most of my free time playing tennis.

It is a testament to Grant’s patient and skilful coaching that I have improved enough to join in hitting sessions and play on the club teams. This is far more than I originally intended but it has all been such fun. Long may it continue!”

Dr. Diane Milburn

“I have been a member of Alnwick tennis club for over ten years now. Over that time, I have really appreciated the welcome I received as a new member and the encouragement to get involved. Grant has been really helpful and encouraging, over the years giving me some great coaching input which has helped to improve my game no end. 

Alnwick tennis club is a lovely place to play tennis and have fun!”

Dr. Gillian Shotton

“I have been a member of Alnwick Tennis Club for two years now, and I have to say that I have been really impressed with the quality of the courts, the excellent coaching, and the enjoyable tennis hitting classes. 

The coach is very knowledgeable and always willing to help, and the classes are fun and a great way to get some exercise.

The courts are always in great condition and are a pleasure to play on. I would highly recommend Alnwick Tennis Club to anyone looking for a great place to play tennis.”

Prof. Steffen Petersen